Illuminate Solar


Client need: I worked on this identity while employed at Pinpoint Marketing. The client was starting up a solar power based company, and needed an identity that harnessed and represented the power and energy cultivated by the sun.

Process: I produced my own bokeh textures in photoshop, using strong gradients featuring the warm tones of the sun. I worked on developing a strong identity that would be simple enough to use on vibrant patterns, and yet strong enough to represent itself if needed without.

Solution: I decided a well known symbol into the identity, which is a power button. While my design solution can be understood in static format, I really wanted to bring to life the process of solar energy. The animated logo displays the surge of energy provided by the sun, and therefore turning on and powering our buildings and homes.


Illuminate Solar Business Card

Illuminate Solar Logo Specifications Guide

  • Client Pinpoint Marketing - Illuminate Solar
  • Date October 3, 2020
  • Tags Identity Design