LNG Guidebook


Client need: I designed this Liquified Natural Gas publication while working as an in-house designer at JWN. The publication needed to be as new and exciting as the LNG concept itself. Since the product was brand new, I was able to build this custom publication from the ground up, deciding on the fonts, imagery and graphic style. During this process I had the chance to create a very fun photo illustration series.

Solution: I was inspired by the shape of the LNG tanks, and carried the circular theme throughout the guidebook. You can see a circle on the cover, in the chapter breaks, end markers and various other locations. The topic of LNG is international, so I included a collage of the world on the cover, tied together with various LNG imagery. When deciding on the photo-collage style, I wanted the visuals to be light and airy, and to be symbolic of the relationship between the environment, society and economy and LNG. I chose to display charts and graphs in this guide to help highlight key points and to make the guidebook a bit easier to read. I also designed many maps, to display the results geographically. The overall solution is clean and bright, and impactful with colour.



  • Client JWN
  • Date July 26, 2020
  • Tags Publication Design

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