I have recently done an entire re-brand for Fargeys Decorating Centre. Below is all of their new material including a logo, business cards, stationary and so much more. The past Fargeys dealt with only paint and wallcoverings, and now they are transitioning over to including interior design. The unique thing about the company is that now they are a full decorating centre where you can get everything you need all at once. Paint, wallcoverings, blinds, and decor. It was important to me to bring this company a fresh, updated look for their new target goals.


Fargeys is a company that needed to be connected closely to their target audience online. I refreshed their social media accounts to bring an edgy excitement to promotional materials. Below are a few cover images I designed to welcome guests. I designed a series of twelve graphics, one for each month.


Below are some examples of promotional material I designed for their social media pages.


It was important that customers be able to find style tips and products very easily, so I created a WordPress website for Fargeys with a blog.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.20.10 PM


While most customers we were targeting to reach online, there are a lot of loyal customers who don’t use social media but come in the store weekly. My suggestion to reach these customers was a hand away flyer with in store purchases. This brochure also got mailed out to preferred customers.