June 2016

Around the World

Princess World Cruise 2017 1.03.17
Recently I have been thinking a lot about inspiration for design. Where do we often get our inspiration from? The internet? Yes, exactly. Right there is the problem.

Wouldn’t it be great if our pockets weren’t limited to where we could go, and what we could see. For example if you have a client who comes to you requesting a logo and business card for Indian scarves, wouldn’t it be great to pull out a memory of what it was like when you were in India. The texture of the scarf on your hand, the smell of the food in the air. Now you understand the process of making the scarf because you have seen it first hand, right in front you. You’ve seen the colours, and you know they are accurate to India, without googling “most popular Indian colours”. You’ve been there, and you can add that to your library.

I can only imagine the inspiration you would have building this business card and logo from your own direct experiences.

So that is why I say… let’s travel. Let’s see the world. Why? Because it will make us better designers.

Does anyone want to fund my $20,000 to go on a world cruise? 😉

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