Alberta Construction Magazine: Mental Health


Client need: As lead designer of Alberta Construction Magazine (ACM) at JWN, it was a part of my role to ideate and design each bi-monthly issue.  The editor asked for me to find a way to bring to life the day to day challenges construction workers may experience regarding mental health. My goal was to find a way to visually represent the data in a captivating manner, as the article could help save lives.

Solution: The final cover consisted of a relatable portrait displaying a serious and concerning tone. Thoughts were displayed in a rough and scattered manner to capture attention, and relatability to thoughts and concerns running through the brain. The typography and icons were hand sketched to represent human touch. The scatter of thoughts covered a diverse spectrum of concerns, making the cover relatable to many. I carried the use of hand written quotes and typography into the spread and infographic, tying all of the deliverables together. The infographics within the spread break up the text and highlight key stats that needed prominence. The mobile infographic is used for viewers to digest data in an interesting manner on a digital platform. This cover was selected as a finalist for the Alberta Magazine and Publishing Awards in 2016. Although it did not win, we were honoured it was selected as a finalist.



  • Client JWN (Alberta Construction Magazine)
  • Date July 26, 2020
  • Tags Publication Design

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